Lord Paper No Longer Dropping ‘Pono’ Video and its the Perfect Move at the Right Time

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Lord Paper Won’t Release ‘Pono’ Music Video

The arts and entertainment arena time and again receives diverse buzz as a result of people’s reaction toward latest work(s) from players in the profession.

Most are purposely for publicity stunts and whether it breeds a negative or positive result in the end is neither the concern of those hail nor condemn it but the musician and management [if any].

Notwithstanding this, some artistes get carried away by their artistic or creative license and create works that eventually have adverse effect on their career.

Musician, Lord Paper tried to toe this line when he released the sexually explicit ‘Awurama’ video about a fortnight ago which was removed by YouTube shortly after it was uploaded on the video-sharing website.

Following the much-expected buzz on the video, he again announced last week that he will drop a new song, ‘Pono’ together with the video today [Monday, September 19]. Though he released the audio version, earlier in the day, he announced that he won’t share the sexually explicit video to the new song and he must be lauded for taking that decision.

In an exclusive interview with GhanaNdwom.com, the remorseful musician stated categorically that the video won’t be released while promising it won’t happen again.

This follows [obviously] advice from people he holds in high esteem including musician and OAP at Y 107.9 FM, Trigmatic.

Just this past Saturday, while others were happily expecting ‘Pono’ to be released, I registered my displeasure on Facebook with regards to the path he is riding his novel brand on as a rising musician considering the kind of society we live in.

As a musician, and an up and coming one for that matter, you can’t survive entirely on stunts like these but it is among others, talent and getting exposed to the right development strategies that one can make one successful in this young industry.

He also raised a major concern which ought to be embraced by shareholders in the industry and acted upon now.

As nations thrive on effective and efficient investment in the youth, the development of arts and entertainment in Ghana also depends on the enabling environment and right structures created for young talents. Clearly, this is what we lack in the sector so most young talents embark on any adventure at any point in time while others who can’t survive the topsy-turvy nature goes waste.

“The industry should try and create a platform for underground artistes, so we don’t have to pull stunts to get attention,” he reiterated during the same interview with GhanaNdwom.com

Again, the decision not to release the video is a perfect move for his brand and it has been done at the right time.

Following ‘Awurama’, he has released songs like ‘Sika Duro’, ‘North-K Guy’ and ‘Pono’. The latter [without the video] was dropped today and he reveals a remix version featuring rapper Yaa Pono will be out soon.

Source: Yaw Sarpon | GlammyNews.com


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