Microsoft skips Windows 9, Unveils the Windows 10 OS

Computer software giants, Microsoft has unveiled its new operating system, Windows 10 today [Tuesday, September 30] at a press event held in San Francisco, California, USA.

The new Windows 10 OS which obviously comes as a surprise to many IT Consultants was originally codenamed ”Windows Threshold’‘ and the firm announces that it will run on all of its devices including desktopstablets and windows phone devices.

It also re-introduces the ”Start Menu” which is missing on Windows 8 and a consultant with the company states that it is the most important thing.

“The Start Menu is perhaps the most important thing that will make the desktop experience familiar to business users, and will help it reduce resistance to its installation,” said David Johnson a Consultant for Microsoft said at the event.

According to Microsoft’s Executive Vice President of Operating Systems, Terry Myerson, the skip over Windows 9 is such a substantial leap and that the company insisted on skipping over Windows 9 when transitioning from 2012’s Windows 8.

“Windows 10 will run on the broadest amount of devices. A tailored experience for each device,” Myerson said. “There will be one way to write a universal application, one store, one way for apps to be discovered purchased and updated across all of these devices.”

It is however reported that Microsoft Corporation will rather introduce the Windows 9 which is rumored to be better than the 10 next year.

Source: GlammyNews


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